Warren Whitlock, Marketing Results Coach Presents
Bonus Seminar For My Readers

"The power of persuasion transforms from art to science."

"How To Guarantee Success Using the Science of Influence"

With Best Selling Author Kevin Hogan

"10 Secrets I've Never Revealed in Public"

If you've studied persuasion, the science of influence, you will recognize Kevin Hogan as a leading authority in the field. But even if you've read all his books, attended the seminars and bootcamps, you haven't heard this before.

Kevin is working on a brand new book, to be released next year. I've convinced him to give you a sneak peek, and made him promise to share things he's never taught before, with specific examples of what works and, just as important, what doesn't work.

You will increase your successful results with secrets like:

  • How to use influence in specific applications such as selling, marketing and promotion

  • Subliminal Persuasion, What is working? what isn't? how you can use it.

  • How to brand yourself, your products, your services, so you stand out from everyone else and make yourself the obvious choice.

  • 3 Sensory Metaphors that make branding work for you.

  • Influence techniques for gaining new customers

  • Using the into the 7 basic lifescripts to "tap into" your customers

  • New Research on life time guarantees. Should you offer one?

  • Influence yourself past failure: What really works?

  • How to use a person's comfort zone for maximum influence

  • Reading people's faces to influence promotion, advertising, copy and results

  • The most influential key to a successful advertisement or message

  • The McDonalds technique. How it can boost a website's results

  • How to capture attention with the Landscape Technique

Come prepare with pen a paper, we'll be packing this seminar with even more secrets:

  • How to raise your fee from $500 to $15,000 for each speech

  • The 1 Question that someone MUST say "Yes" to every time!

  • What doesn't work in gaining compliance once you have a relationship.

  • 7 powerful strategies for developing your credibility.

  • The most common mistakes people make in building credibility.

"I just wanted to thank you for your outstanding programs. We develop sales forces all over the world and the Science of Influence and Covert Hypnosis Series are invaluable resources to increase the chances of getting decision-makers to say yes! If social influence and persuasion are a CODE; you are the CODE breaker. I look forward to your future research!"

Randy Zales, President,
Anthony Robbins & Associates®

With the proper knowledge, you will succeed. These methods are not hard to implement, and there is plenty of help available. The seminar will be fun, but packed with information. Be ready to take a lot of notes, and find action items that make a real difference in your career.

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